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Founded in Portugal in 1996, Lactogal Produtos Alimentares S.A is a Portuguese agri-food company specialized in dairy products and their derivatives, is one of the largest national producers of fast moving consumer goods. Characterized by a responsible corporate attitude, based on accuracy and innovation, the activity of Lactogal is based on values, which are the principles that guide the actions and activities of everyone in the company: Social Awareness, Integrity and Ambition. Assuming, since the beginning, an active role in the enhancement of national milk production, Lactogal is a key player in the sustainability of dairy Portuguese market. The universe of Lactogal products has been growing, consisting in milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, water and juices. The brands that are part of Lactogal ́s portfolio are: Agros, Mimosa, Gresso, Adágio, Matinal, Castelões, Castelinhos, Vigor, Pleno, Primor, Serra da Penha, Fresky, Milhafre dos Açores and Serra Dourada Lactogal currently has seven plants in the Iberian Peninsula, and two of these plants have been built in the last five years.